in one app

The first Ticicom app that simplifies internal communication of your company

Ti@pp, a mobile hybrid application realized with a framework, that allows instant communications to be delivered and maintained safely, quickly and efficiently.


Ti@pp has beeen created to simplify messaging within companies and public offices since able of receive push notifications that lead users to communicate with each other immediately.

How it works

The application manages communications through a system of server interchange in which the system administrator is able to communicate understandable and fast, limiting the time; is also structured using the material design of Google that make it easy, fast and light.


Ti@pp makes use of security logs to keep the system secure and reliable. The technologies adopted to structure this application are based on a server system (Microsoft, SQL- server) capable of storing and keeping track of all activities; moreover, it retrieves webservices to request data from the server so that the application doesn't save any data in.