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What do we mean by Customers Experience?

The Customers Experience is the overall experience that customers live throughout the relationship with the company: strategies, processes, organization, assistance; everything is focused on the customer and the experience he lives. Today it represents a basic element for the company’s business, as business success depends on the awareness experienced by the customer at all stages; just think of how much the delivery and packaging of a product or the kindness and expertise of the staff in the store, on the phone and in online chats impact, for a positive or negative feedback.

How has digitalization affected the Customers experience?

Consumer behaviour has changed considerably with the rise of digitization, but expectations have not changed; the customer always expects to consistent live and real experiences even if integrated on different points of contact such as: the website, social networks and advertising.

How much does the Customers Experience affect Ticicom?

Ticicom’s daily goal is to improve the overall experience with and for its customers with the help of technologies and relationships. This experiential cycle consists of several phases: transparent communication, efficient offers and services, infrastructure support, constant maintenance of products but also creation and consolidation of relationships, collaboration and regard for customer needs.

For Ticicom the added value for a concrete and continuous Customers Experience is not only based on the products and services offered but is built around the needs and expectations of customers.

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