Customer care is the set of all services dedicated to customers before, during and after the purchase of a product or service.

Ticicom is organized in such a way as to offer this service and is structured so that customers can communicate, simply and quickly, with the marketing-commercial, technical and administrative departments.

How is our marketing service organized?

Every information that we insert on the website, that we publish on social media, linkedin and facebook and that we send periodically through newsletters, represents a way to facilitate our customers to better understand the technologies placed on the market every day. The Customer Care service is a way to help our customers to make appropriate decisions before adopting a technology and investing time and money.  

Our marketing-commercial area also provides for active interaction with users and is organized through social communication tools  including the website, recently enriched by a CHATBOT system (called TICIBOT), already integrated with our CRM, designed to simulate a conversation in a direct way, which allows each user to ask questions and receive information.

How is our technical support service organized?

Thanks to dedicated, trained and constantly updated staff, Ticicom is structured in such a way as to be able to offer differentiated assistance services based on the needs of each customer.

Our team responds and supports customers in the daily management necessary to maintain services for the performance of business activities.

  • What is the service?

The Help Desk is a single contact center to which the user can always turn in case of malfunctions, breakdowns, problems of IT, telematic and software services. Requests are taken care of in real time and entered into a specific and dedicated software system. In addition to the hotline number +41 800 960 369, the service also receives input from the email –

The service manages tickets according to procedures monitored and controlled within Ticicom to respond carefully and punctually.

  • How does the service work?

Listening is the first phase of the Service process. At the opening of the Ticket, immediate support is provided and our technicians start an empathic communication with the customer by making their knowledge available to give the best solutions. If these solutions are not enough, the help desk will make use of qualified technicians who will take care of these problems.

If the problem will be directly related to the producers and partners of the technology concerned, the latter will in turn open a ticket at the supplier.

The ticket is closed automatically when a service / malfunction is restored and manually with the resolution of the problem that the customer has reported. In addition to telephone assistance, the team offers customers a remote assistance service, as it can connect to any computer, and has the possibility to intervene directly.

  • How was the service integrated?

Our service is supported and integrated with an infrastructure that ensures methodology and continuity.

How is our Administrative Service organized?

Our administrative service is organized with dedicated people who respectively take care of customers (for back office, offers, active administration, hours management, technical documentation, license renewals and hardware maintenance, deadline management, active invoicing, reports, transfers), suppliers (verification of requirements, certifications, payments, project planning, technical resource planning) as well as all related issues such as practices  bureaucratic, taxes, charges, human resources and welfare policies.

Our customers will soon be able to see their contractual, administrative and documentary situation in real time since the service is equipping itself with external sharing tools; it is a “cockpit” that will help customers to have all the information related to their location. Our staff remains available to give its customers answers and advice.

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