Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does

Energy saving represents, nowadays, a challenge that is becoming increasingly important and for which people show sensitivity. Climate change, pollution, the incessant felling of trees and the depletion of fossil fuels on earth mean that the topic of energy saving acquires relevance worldwide and that we are pushing towards the use of renewable energy sources.

It is essential that everyone adopts eco-sustainable behaviors in their daily lives, so that the goal of having a qualitatively better world is realized.

Ticicom, together with Spinelli Holding, is supporting a project, called SOSTENIBILITI, which has as its starting point our land, the Canton of Ticino. The initiative was launched by the Swiss Institute For Disruptive Innovation organization with the aim of offsetting CO2 emissions and giving a simple but extremely concrete tool to those who want to make a difference and to those who want to be promoters of change. The aim of SOSTENIBILITI is to make the Canton of Ticino one of the first regions in the world with a positive balance.

The project consists of accessing the portal and calculating, with the help of the guided process, your own amount of CO 2 emissions produced; the calculator will indicate the amount of trees that you need to plant to compensate for the CO 2 produced. It will therefore be possible to cover the cost of planting contributing to the positive balance of the initiative.

Let’s act now!

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