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“It’s not just a job, it’s a journey. Let’s never forget it… Your customers dream of a better and happier life. Don’t strive to sell products, but to enrich their lives.” (Steve Jobs)

The Telegram application

Telegram is a free instant messaging platform that allows the exchange of messages and files. Telegram is based on the Cloud, which means that you have the ability to enter and see chats from different devices even simultaneously. In addition, it offers the opportunity to manage multiple accounts at once. Among the different features it offers, through this application you can create groups, bots and channels.

This last feature is a very interesting peculiarity as the channels allow you to transmit information one to many so only the owner of the channel can publish content inside while all other users can only view and share the topics but without the right to respond; moreover, they represent an excellent tool to send to an unlimited number of contacts articles, insights, videos and promotions.

The Ticicom channel

TiciChannel is Ticicom’s first channel entirely dedicated to corporate messaging.  The project was born because we wanted to make the sharing of information to our customers fast and immediate.

Thanks to this channel we can make visible to all registered customers articles of our activities, projects, posts that we publish on our social channels and news; it is possible to schedule messages, promotions or dedicated subscriptions.

Through TiciChannel we believe we can retain more our loyal customers but also potential customers by making the company-customer relationship more personalized and immediate.

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